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Silk city coffee


I helped film and edit the track story

I helped film and edit the silk city coffee story

I helped film and edit this story

I helped film and edit the fake news story

Zach LaPlant


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            I love to learn about new things espically involving  production in the broadcastong.  I am a very hard worker, I go to MAnchester High School in Manchester Connecticut.

        This summer i will be interning on a TV show called feeding the beast on AMC. I have exsperince working in a studio and working on a news program and setting up camera shots and using all the equipment in the studio. I have been intrested in using camera and creating a good peice ever since i was a kid.

I will be completing HighSchool in  2018 then hopefully going to a good film college like NYU. Using this program i will be able to put together a well put together website




Proffesional Objective

I want to be a movie editor for a big movie production like fast and furious. I like to work in a enviroment were i can get work done. 

I helped film and edit the Manchester road race story

I edited the freshman story